17 thoughts on “September 2, 2015

  1. I used to have a customer that either didn’t know that she needed to shake aerosol cans before using or would not hold it in the correct position for using. She would always return the can as “defective”. Still full of whatever product be it hairspray, Lysol, oven cleaner, etc for a refund.

  2. Its like the guys on Newegg that give themselves 5 stars for technical knowledge and then complain that the PC component is defective because they can’t get it to work and then grip when the manufacturer sends them back the original, or another, “defective” device.

    • Or give it a 1 star review when it’s doa, anyone with technical knowledge knows that sometimes you just get a doa part, you only give a 1 star review if you get multiple doa’s, or if the part works, but just sucks.

      • Except they’re rating based on their experience. If something doesn’t work out of the box, it doesn’t work. The buyer has no way of knowing if it’s an odd occurrence or not. Giving it a better rating is dishonest. Manufacturer’s don’t automatically deserve the benefit of the doubt.

        And if you see fair percentage of DOAs in the reviews, that indicates poor manufacturer QC or design. If you get more than one DOA of the same item, the odds are high that the product is junk. Multiple DOAs is absolutely not required.

  3. I escaped retail and now work tech support for a company – still dealing with clueless customers. I have one woman who manages a computer lab and keeps opening tickets for computers that are “automatically shutting down.” We’ve explained several times (twice in the past month) that they did not shut down, but simply went to sleep.

    Our big question: Why is she managing a computer lab?

  4. Back at the Hardware store, we had a lady that would bring back last year’s water hose and exchange it for a new one just because it had a “lifetime warranty”.

    Nothing wrong with it, she just wanted new one each year.

  5. My favourite story is from when I worked in a major bookstore chain, which also sold e-readers. I had a lady bring in her reader, saying it wasn’t working, and when she pulled it out of her bag, complete with usb cord plugged in, I could tell it was out of power. When I told her this, she looked at me and pointed to it and said, “well its plugged in” my response was “you do know the other end needs to be plugged into the computer, don’t you?” *sigh*

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