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    • Can’t argue here, for somebody who played the legendary intergalactic hero, Luke Skywalker, he is one of the best Villian/Super Villian voice actors out there right now, even enjoyed him in “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” 😀

      It’s almost like when comedic actors show up on police dramas as the bad guy, Law and Order SVU in particular, they make for some of the most amazingly evil and/or creepy suspects/criminals!

  1. Eh, it’s better than the Batmobile conversations I’ve been involved it,I’ve found that the “Boomers” tend to go for the 60’s TV car, with the rest being posuers to the throne and can get nasty about it (as in if it’s not your #1 too, you’re wrong!!!) Personally, I tend to lean:
    #1.Burton/Keaton Batmobile
    #2.Batman, The Animated Series Batmobile
    #3.Nolan/Bale Tumbler Batmobile
    #4.Barris/West TV Batmobile
    #5.Tie between the Clooney and Kilmer Batmobiles, which were horrible looking, each in their own special ways.

    Special Note:I am kinda digging the new Movie Batmobile, not sure yet if I’d place it above or below the TV one, but already think it’s miles better than the Clooney and Kilmer movie ones!

  2. “You wanna play, Donnie? Fine! The best Batman was Val Kilmer followed by George Clooney’s Bat Nipples!”

    I may not be the biggest Affleck fan but give the guy a chance.

    • I actually think Kilmer did a good job as Bruce Wayne. Didn’t like him as Batman, but I liked his Bruce Wayne better than Michael Keaton to be honest.

    • I literally LOLed at the Batnipples comment!

      Great, now I’m going to have “NANANANANANANANNANAAAAA, BATNIPS!!!!!” running through my head the reat of the night…………

      • To be fair, Captain Janeway was pushed to the edge of reason and sanity.

        She knew her crew might die and never see home again. She made the right decision with the caretaker, but that does not dispel the guilt of watching as her crew suffered and died.

        One commentator I watched even said that she was promoted to Admiral and given a desk job because of the trauma she suffered. She could not easily transition back into civilian life, and she might not have been fit to command a crew again. She needed a lot of counseling.

        Near the end of the series, she even said “one life is not worth exploring the galaxy” meaning she even gave up on Starfleets main goal and objective.

        I now see a lot of commanders PTSD in her, and it would take years to recover from it.

  3. Donnie and Heather look really washed-out in the new uniforms when they’re the only ones in the scene… Or Val just pops out more..

  4. Bale ruined Batman. Up until then, it kept in line with the original comics, lighthearted and just a touch of gothic. Then came Bale and turned it all into a the Fast & the Furious meets spaghetti western.

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