22 thoughts on “September 21, 2015

  1. Wonder what would happen if somebody blamed someone like The Stone Cutters, The Glitteratti, or The Bobthebuilders (ok, I made that one up, but itnis close to the name of one of “those” orginizations that somebody might fall for it), Maybe “The of Ghost of Paul McCartney” or tell him it’s the only way to please the Ghost of “Phil Spector” if it’s a record store or music department.

  2. I work for one of the major craft chains and we literally move departments around every few months. It’s a fairly recent thing that started happening 4, maybe 5 years ago and when questioned at a town hall meeting, a corporate big wig replied that they have done extensive research and learned that “customers like change”. Customers do not like change, at least not that kind of change. They can’t find anything anymore. Hell, iiiiiiiiiiii can’t find anything anymore and I’m the one who has to move everything! It’s extremely frustrating, especially when you flip things back and forth. It’s hard to keep track of even at store level. At least once a day, I get an earful of “I was just in here last week and it was HERE…” I can’t even fault them for their irritation. I always sympathize and tell them that this is what corporate THINKS they want and if they aren’t a fan they should let them know.

    • I’ve heard studies that say that moving stuff around helps increase sales because customers wander around more and are more likely to find and buy something they wouldn’t have otherwise.(probably the real reason that company moves things around so often, but 4-5 months seems excessive)

    • I hate it when I go to a store and everything’s been moved. I think most people feel that way, especially when you’re in there for only one or two items and now you can’t find them. I’m sure the store workers hate it too since they’re the ones who have to do the actual work of moving stuff, then have to deal with customer’s complaints and “Where is this item NOW?” Stupid corporate!

    • I was in a major chain craft store I frequent last weekend, and omg, what have they DONE?! They have put very high shelving blocking your view of the front of the store (before the registers) which I consider a serious fire hazard. I got in, and I got out. There’s enough paper in that store in there to make it go up in about a minute. No thanks!

  3. My regular grocery store is doing this right now. It’s driving me CRAZY!!!! I go in there at least twice a week and right now it seems like every time I’m in there, something’s changed. It must be the Illuminati.

  4. Corperate probably do it specifically so you have trouble finding things. Ther more time it takes for you to find something, the more random items you walk past and might buy along with what you were going there for.

    • That is exactly the policy of one big box store. It also keeps things looking “fresh” and allows for new merchandise to be added, while making the merchandise they deleted (IE what everyone actually wants to buy) not as noticeable

      • Ah yes. My local Fred Meyer stopped carrying my favorite throat spray during a reset this spring. Of course I remember the reset, I worked on it and I remember helping to move those very shelves… slightly to the right. I never heard anything about changing what was actually on them.

        If anyone knows of a different big box store that’s known to sell NatraBio throat spray, don’t hesitate to reply.

  5. I don’t waste time hunting down things when a store is rearranged, I just go to another store to buy what I want. Besides, it’s not like they have employees working the floor to help us find things.

  6. I was once in a store owned by my friend, and I was looking for some Christmas gifts. I overheard his front desk Sales Associate talking to a few people about how the Illuminati ran everything. Being that the store was trying to do a serious business I just couldn’t help but tell my friend. Of course it did mean that I had to stay in the store for a whopping two hours to hear all the goodies

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