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      • Theories have some rational reasoning behind them.

        Opinions are simply the visceral reaction of the person stating it. Because you only value an opinion when you value the person stating it*, opinions are worthless on their own.

        *Two people state the same opinion: “This comic stinks.” The first is anonymous reader. What does the opinion tell Norm? That this random person he knows nothing about doesn’t like the comic. That’s it. Tells him nothing about the actual work, so he can ignore that opinion.

        Second person is Bill Watterson. Think he would pay attention to that opinion? Yup…yet, it was the same exact opinion, just stated by two different people. And Norm would still have to ask Bill, “Why?” to get anything of substance.

        Because we like Cooper, we take it on faith that the coffee tastes like dirt. But it’s really just his opinion.

  1. This is how I feel about Starbucks coffee. I know, sacrilege. But I’ve disliked it from the first time I tasted it and that’s my theory. lol

    • ‘Course, Cooper is probably used to Starbucks coffee. πŸ™‚

      (Starbucks is the bane of coffee snobs everywhere, because it’s pretty much swill, and because Starbucks stores are everywhere, they tend to force independent coffeehouses out of business.)

      • I actually like Starbucks, but I’m not offended when people say they hate it. And, to be fair, the few independent coffee shops I’ve gone to really DO have better coffee in my opinion.

    • It’s not sacrilege if it’s the truth.

      And I feel the same way about Tim Horton’s coffee. Ick. But say that around my town and people look at you in horror.

      On the other hand, their iced capp is delicious! πŸ˜€

      • Regarding the area where you live, okay, which is it? Canada or Western New York? I don’t care for their hot coffee either, (their iced is okay) but I love Timbits!

    • Had my first and last Starbucks a few months ago, the plainest, cheapest thing on the menu. Figured out why they have to put all that froufrou stuff in it: to keep people from tasting the actual coffee.

  2. This is what happens when someone spends a lot of money to open a business to provide a product that only he likes. There are plenty of restaurant owners who aren’t passionate about their cooking, so they make the product to satisfy their lowered standards and they wonder why their eating areas are empty.

  3. – Waitress! This coffee tastes like turpentine!

    – Oh, I’m sorry, Sir. I must have brought you tea. Our coffee tastes like kerosene!

    • Close, but no cigar. It’s:
      “Irma, is this tea or coffee?”
      “What does it taste like?”
      “It tastes like turpentine!”
      “Oh, that’s our coffee, our tea tastes like transmission fluid.”

      I promise I’m not that obsessed with Garfield, I just have somewhat of an eidetic memory, and that was one of my favorites.

  4. Former barista here & yeah, Starbucks coffee stinks. The only thing SB can take credit for is getting a lot people to drink coffee who normally wouldn’t.
    And that’s by adding LOTS of milk, syrups, whipped cream, sprinkles, etc.
    Wanna super-size that frappucino?

    • I dislike the coffee-flavour of coffee, the thing that means you can tell it’s coffee you’re drinking and not some other drink.

      I can drink it if you couldn’t tell by tasting it that it *was* coffee, but what’s the point of that?

  5. There was a pizza place not far from here that actually tried to sell their pizzas that way. The crust was thin enough to watch television through and there were flecks of carbon in the dough. The menu insisted that that faint burnt-in flavor was “how you know it’s baked in a real brick oven!” …They didn’t last long.

  6. Funny, I came here right after reading about the woman on Staten Island who just got fined $1,000 for complaining about a business on Yelp.

  7. Our mall in central Alberta had a coffee and cinnamon bun store and free refills for anyone (mostly mall staff) and a free mini-bun after so many coffee purchases. Then they let in a Tim Horton’s, who’s coffee is not that great but quite a few people. It was enough to force the small place to shut down. There was a $tarbucks at the Safeway, mostly empty, cowboys and wanabe’s want real coffee.

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