17 thoughts on “September 26, 2015

  1. Why do customers seem to feel the need to throw paper everywhere? And the paper is the least of it! They don’t know how to flush, either!
    Sometimes I hate to have to use the bathrooms. If I had to clean them, I’d probably run screaming, too.

    • If it was JUST paper…

      My first week working for a Texaco, I was told by a customer the men’s bathroom needed to be cleaned. I want in to check the damage.

      Not sure which hit me first or hit me worst…the smell, or the sight of the pile of poop sitting RIGHT IN FRONT of the otherwise unblemished toilet.

      And that biological land mine was my introduction to the weekend graveyard shift.

    • I have a theory about that. People, women especially, are taught that no matter where they are, public restrooms are extremely dirty, disgusting, disease ridden places. Therefore, if they happen to drop something (toilet paper, a paper towel, a feminine hygiene product, etc.) they feel perfectly justified in leaving it exactly where it is. Also, women hover over the toilet seat, so they end up peeing on it, and they don’t want to touch the toilet handles, so they won’t flush. Everyone forgets that whatever you do in the bathroom, you should WASH YOUR HANDS before you leave anyway, so it shouldn’t really matter.

      You may share their mindset, but remember that it tends to be a self fulfilling prophecy. If you’re convinced it’s filthy and you refuse to touch anything, you’ll probably just end up making it worse. Then the next person that thinks the same way you do will do the same things, and make it even worse, creating this absolutely disgusting mess that some poor schmo that makes $8.00/hr (if he’s lucky) has to come and clean up, which they REALLY don’t want to do. So usually, they do the bare minimum they can get away with, leaving the bathroom in fairly poor condition, thus bringing everything full circle.

    • Sometimes you can’t make it in time. Bleive me i threw up on my neighbor’s dog once trying to make it to his bathroom after eating some bad egg salad.

  2. The way some people treat public restrooms is absolutely disgusting. I’ve even been known on occasion to pick up other people’s paper off the floor. Not flushing though is the absolute worst and makes no sense to me. Why can’t some people do this very basic thing we were all taught as kids?

    • Because they’ve been taught to assume that they will get the most horrifying diseases if they touch ANYTHING in a public restroom. They’re completely ignorant of the fact that when you wash your hands, most of those germs are gone, and the ones that are left probably aren’t going to hurt you anyway.

  3. I did janitorial work in a government building, with public bathrooms for the general population, and private ones for the employees. I’m not sure if it was because the public ones were a lot larger, but they always seemed to be cleaner than the private ones

  4. When I could I traded to shifts to keep away from cleaning the restrooms. Is it me or were the Women’s worse to clean than the Men’s? I expected urine on the toilet seat in the Men’s Room, but the Women’s?!? I didn’t think that was possible.

    Ladies how do you miss the toilet? You are sitting on it. I don’t even want to know how women miss. And feminine hygiene products, on the floor? Or stuck on the wall? Why? I wanted a hazmat suit to clean the women’s room.

    • They don’t sit on it because of ‘germs’, so they ‘hover’ above the seat and things spray.

      Which naturally makes the seat filthy, and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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