21 thoughts on “September 28, 2015

    I love the ‘unaffected silence.’
    Sometimes, you really just have to show to the person that you *still* aren’t going to do what they want by simply just waiting until they finally process it and leave.

    • It’s not “unaffected silence”, it’s “disaffected silence”. More like she’s disgusted by the customer’s rudeness AND the management policies than that she’s not affected by being yelled at.

    • No customer bothers to call. I don’t know how many times I’ve encouraged them to call the home office, but they won’t even take the number.

      Even if they did, corporate would ignore it,

      • Not the corporate I used to work for, more often than not, they would contact us and tell us to make them happy. Thanks for backing up the team there, Head office……

      • I called once. The only time I’ve ever felt the need. And yes, it was the manager’s fault. They sold something I had purchased on-line to pick up at the store to someone else before I got there. After I went there twice because they told me it was ready. Of course, it was the last one. She refused to do anything to compensate (raincheck, discount,… somethjng). And no, corporate didn’t resolve it, although the woman on the phone did try to find another one at another store. But that was it.

        I never set foot into one of their stores until a couple of years later, when the whole chain was going out of business (Circuit City, so no big surprise). Nothing worth seeing and fake discounts in any case. Their sales had better prices.

  2. I just found this strip yesterday. I have been reading all the strips from the beginning. I work retail and can so relate to it. So much is so true! I love it!

  3. The most outrageous “threat” I’ve ever received from a customer was that he was going to write about our store on his blog. Be that as it may, this threat is actually pretty feasible. By writing a blog, he would have nothing to lose, except for an inconsequential amount of time.

    I tried searching my store’s name, and found 0 blog results. And this store had a name that stuck out like a sore thumb.

    Poor guy either didn’t follow up on his threat, or adjusted his blog’s privacy settings so that very few people can view it, which goes against the original purpose of his threat.

    • My friend, on the other hand, had me beat in terms of outrageous threats.

      He once had a customer who asked if his store sells ice. My friend works at a clothing store.

      When my friend told the customer that his clothing store didn’t sell ice, the customer threatened to throw water at his face.

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