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  1. Yup, and he looks dead sexy in them too. The assumption that enjoying pretty clothing and fashion is an indication of sexual orientation is a misnomer

    • Stores like to have a reason (although not mandatory for a customer to give one as long as they are within the return period). It’s good for market research. If everyone is returning a specific item for the same reason, it is good for the company to know so that they can amend the problem, or discontinue the product.

      Having said that, Marissa only started out as being genuinely curious and making conversation. It wasn’t her place to be all political/feminist with the customer.

      • I think she was trying to commiserate with the customer. The “my boyfriend thought” line, if it was referencing the hemline on the customer, suggests that the customer disagreed with her boyfriend’s assessment (as did the eye roll).

      • What market research? At my job we’re expected to ask, more as a way of finding out if the item can be resold or not (some items, if opened, can’t be resold, others, if opened but not yet hooked to electricity are ok, etc), and because of return shrink. No one’s checking with clerks for a list of reasons stuff came back. Also I don’t care. “Doesn’t work for me”/”doesn’t fit”/”i got the wrong one” is good enough. I also don’t need the life story of your project, I’m tuning you out.

    • They also need to know whether it is being returned for being defective or not. Non-defective items can be put back out and re-sold. Defective items should be identified as such, so they do not get put back on the sales floor.

  2. In the second panel, Marissa ought to have just said,”Oh, ok,” and left it at that. It’s none of her business what the boyfriend’s reason was.

  3. Maybe the boyfriend is just a Functionalist, and objects to impractical clothing. We need to get over this societal opinion that the only reason someone wants clothes that cover X part of their body is because they’re ashamed of it/uncomfortable with how it looks. (Yes, I know the boyfriend may have said something, but given a lot of knee-jerk reactions I’ve seen, I’m more that willing to believe that he said “I don’t like skirts that don’t cover my knees”, and she added the rest herself.)

    • Really? They love being told that their purpose in life is to be baby factories? That they don’t deserve fair wage for doing the same work as a man? That they deserve to be raped for “dressing provocatively” (read: anything you can see a feminine form in)?

      Or maybe it’s possible you don’t know what feminism is about? Piss off

    • Is that why they’re not on here saying so for themselves? Because they’re SO IN LOVE with the patriarchy that they’ve shunned the internet and all its feminist trappings?

    • Dag,
      Yeah. Some people do talk like that. Mostly college freshman and sophomores and the clueless graduate students who teach first year composition and second year lit courses.
      They forget that there’s a big difference between applied feminism and theoretical. The vast majority of human beings find theoretical feminism both incomprehensible and annoying.

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