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  1. I worked at a public pool in high school, and Big Official facility inspections would happen at least once or twice a summer. I remember the year we passed across the board, then the inspector tells us “you can’t have so many cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling in the changing areas.” Those ceilings were 20 feet high.

  2. Stewart is soooooooooooooooo evil. I wonder if by some miracle that had been done what he would have come up with? Cleaning the underside of clothes racks?

    • It’s not Stewart – it’s just the way it is. If an inspector can’t find anything wrong, their supervisors wonder if they’re doing their job. Or worse, they’re somehow in bed with who they’re inspecting.

      Leave something minor for them and everyone will be happy.

  3. This sounds soo familiar.

    I used to work as a nursing assistant at a local hospital, which is similar to retail – grueling hours on your feet all day (and we were expressly forbidden to sit down outside of lunch break!). And crazy busy work to boot:
    After finishing all the work assigned to us by the Iron Lady (aka head nurse), she roared in screeching we were lazy, and set us to cleaning the chairs in the hospital corridors (the ones we weren’t permitted to sit in).
    These were the ones with fake leather upholstry that had been cleaned and disinfected a million times… not good enough for her.
    We spent several hours digging out miniscule amounts of crud in the cracks between chair back and seat… with a toothpick. God have mercy on you if you broke the toothpick.

  4. DISAGREE: Marla, you should always leave some very minor thing undone that the inspector can find. If you don’t, he’ll keep looking until he finds something you don’t want him to find. That would be much worse.

    • An acquaintance of mine used to work in a fast food place. When inspection time came, they’d scrub and straighten, sanitize and scour, get the place picture-perfect.

      Then drop one single napkin on the floor.

      The inspector found that one napkin and dinged them for that, so he was happy. It was an easy-to-fix minor thing, so the crew was happy.

  5. Rookie mistake my ass.

    There’s an unwritten (of course) rule that one’s subordinates can’t do a 100% good job.

    This is just like Jerry being a dick and complaining about no one having cleaned under the vending machines in the break room.

  6. We just had our Regional management team come through our store and We have managers who nitpick us on every single thing and yet, Regional doesn’t care about the small things. In fact, if they see the nitpicking by the managers, its the manager that gets the lecture on treating us correctly. And they don’t check for every little thing. One manager always wants the shelves to look full, even going against mod setup to do so, and then regional does get on it for being out of mod, and that manager gets called out by them, but store manager doesn’t care. No matter what regional says about this certain manager for demotion or reprimand, our store manager doesn’t do it.

  7. If any store did get a perfect store, that’s all the rest of them would hear about. “Why can’t you be like store #645? THEY had a perfect inspection!”

    Imagine how irritating that would be.

  8. I would have told him that the sign was a piece of safety equipment and we weren’t allowed to touch it.

    Might even be true, since it would actually belong to the mall.

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