20 thoughts on “September 3, 2017

  1. Alas, “reading minds” is not a required job skill. Or possible, especially with strangers.

    You’ll have to put on your big boy pants and ask for assistance, bunky.

  2. One of the major reasons why I left retail. Customers expected you to immediately drop whatever you were doing and give them the love and attention they weren’t getting at home.

    Sorry, SOP and employee manual can state otherwise, but with staff cut to 1/5th regular size and hours slashed to the bare minimum, I couldn’t afford to stop stocking to pat you on the butt and make you feel special.

    Still bothers me 11 years later.

  3. The very next strip should show the same customer entering the store, being greeted by the staff, and then getting angry about how everybody is ‘pestering’ him. And then management yells at you because ‘nothing’s getting done’. Because that is literally how it works. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

  4. How much you all wanna bet that either Cooper or Amber asked the guy 2 minutes earlier if he needed anything and the guy said, “I’m just looking.”
    But now that he finally realizes that he needs help, he throws a screaming tantrum because no one in that store has magical mind-reading capabilities.

  5. This isn’t limited to retail. I work in a public library, and if I had a dollar for every person who mills around 10 feet away from the desk (or better yet, waits until I’m alone and stands at the opposite end of the desk so I can’t see them) instead of walking up and asking for help, I’d be able to pay off the loans I took out to get my degree.

  6. Was it just last week that Crystal tried to help a customer only to have him scream something about wanting a solitary shopping experience? Now this guy wants help and won’t ask for it. Maybe Amber didn’t ask (I don’t think Cooper is obligated to since he’s a stock person but I don’t know for sure) because she’s tired of having her head bitten off by guys like the one who bit Crystal’s head off last week. Seems to be the toss of a dice whether someone is going to want help. Maybe there should be a sign up “If you want help, ask for it. We’re tired of being hollered at by people who can’t simply say “no thanks” when we ask.”

    • You should know better, there’s no way anyone would notice a sign like that.

      I always tell other coworkers when this happens to them, if we could read minds, we wouldn’t be working here!

  7. I work in a place where you need to take a number or sign in depending on what you need. This is posted in several spots yet no one can read. I work right by the door and am not even a part of the “store” (I am a consultant by appointment only) yet everyone comes up to me and says “can I ask you a few questions” which totally throws my entire day off. I can see that I’m busy but they don’t care, they just don’t want to wait their turn.

  8. To be fair, they should have realized he was the sort who might need help from the whistling sound…

    …the loud whistling sound of the air entering his ears and being swallowed by the void between them is usually a dead giveaway.

  9. Times I’ve been asked for help:

    -While I was already helping another customer
    -While carrying large/heavy objects
    -While carrying even larger/heavier objects with my manager
    -While assisting with a medical emergency
    -While assisting law enforcement
    -While on a ladder that the customer shook to get my attention

    I don’t miss retail one bit.

    • Another thing to consider is, I generally don’t approach customers to ask if they need help, because I usually don’t like it when that happens to *me* when *I* am the customer. An eye for an eye, and all.

  10. While on a ladder putting up back stock in the bookstore where I worked, I have had customers:
    – Grab me around the lower leg (!) and demand that I ‘get down right this second and help me’
    – Shake the ladder
    – Attempt to MOVE the ladder, while I am still on it, and get angry that it won’t move…um, look up, idiot, there’s a 175-lb obstacle keeping it from rolling. Also, automatic wheel locks to keep this $H*t from happening in the first place.
    – Pull me by the arm away from another customer who is visibly incapacitated – think cast on leg extending above the knee – and give wounded customer a filthy look, as though their time is somehow less valuable.
    – Barge up to me while I am just starting to assist another customer in general and demand that I help them RIGHT THIS MINUTE because DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM? …uh, no. Don’t know who you are, and don’t especially care, especially not if this is how you treat people.

    ^^ Why I left retail, among other reasons.

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