23 thoughts on “September 30, 2015

  1. I don’t mind Christmas nor the Retail Days Before Said Christmas. What I dislike is people complaining about when stores set up holiday merchandise. If you think July is too early for Christmas decorations shouldn’t your questions instead be ‘Isn’t a year later too early too celebrate Christmas again; why don’t we celebrate it every 10 years instead?”

        • There is nothing wrong with putting Christmas Merchandise out in September (or August). You can spread your shopping out over 3 or 4 months buying a little here and a little there instead of blowing your entire last 3 paychecks in December.

          • Actually there is an issue with putting it out this early. It is not wanted and puts an emphasis on a holiday that is very far away. It also makes returns harder by doing it so early as then you are getting an item that won’t be given until after the return policy expires in most cases. What happens if that person gets that item now and you are left having to figure out something else?

            There was a time when christmas stuff didn’t come out until November 1st. I know such a novelty, but it worked fine. Sure there was overstock after the holidays but that’s because retail stores over-estimate what will be sold, and get tons of their christmas stock. So their solution instead of selling less of it, is to sell more of it earlier and still have even MORE overstock at the end. How is that a better solution?

    • “shouldn’t your questions instead be ‘Isn’t a year later too early too celebrate Christmas again;”

      That makes no sense.

      There’s a difference between not wanting to listen to Christmas music for 3+ months and not wanting to celebrate the holiday at all. Finding the lead-up and preparations for a holiday stressful is not the same thing disliking the holiday itself.

  2. Why can’t we just enjoy each season as it comes, instead of rushing from one thing to the next? Why can’t we live in the moment instead of two months ahead? Right now I’m enjoying the transition into fall, and it’s lovely. I’ll worry about Christmas in November–scratch that; I’ll be too busy writing in November to worry about anything not story-related. I’ll worry about it in December, then. I won’t even know who I’m buying for until Thanksgiving anyway.

  3. Of course Stuart’s happy…he gets to rake in the money without having to set foot on the chaotic sales floor. If he were working on the floor he’d be dreading it just like Val is.

  4. Tell me about it, I have spent the last two weeks converting Lawn & Garden into Christmas. Of course the fact that we just started Fall Gardening season is lost on corporate and the number of people still coming in for gardening items now have to be sent away to other stores.

    • Sounds like my store, where the christmas trees and lights are out in the garden center area and the only plants we have are the good old mums and a few house type plants. I think I’m just glad that they haven’t started adding in the christmas music yet to our music mix. Still a little too early for that.

    • Hear hear. I still need some gardening-related stuff for planting my bulbs, but the Garden Center at many of the local stores has the absolute bare minimum now and virtually nothing I need for my garden. Thank goodness for local nurseries, which at least don’t even display holiday décor.

  5. A local radio station starts playing Christmas music a couple of days before Thanksgiving. I turn off the radio for that week.

  6. Was it Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart who said that there is no war Christmas, but that Christ mas at war with the other Holidays with “Black Thursday”. Black Thursday, formally known as Thanksgiving. Long before I die, I’m sure I’ll see “Black Last Day in October.”

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