9 thoughts on “September 4, 2015

  1. It’s always easy to criticize others when you’re not doing the actual job yourself. Maybe sometime he ought to come in and show everyone how it’s supposed to be done. He won’t sell any better than anyone else.

  2. He sounds like my high school geometry teacher, one day she ripped into my entire class about how horrible we were doing as students. The next morning I’m talking with a friend that happened to be in her AM geometry class (mine was the last of the day) and it turns out her class got the exact same rump chewing from this teacher! That’s about the time we both decided that maybe that this teacher just wasn’t a very good one.

  3. I had a district manager once who used to come in and make it a point to help a customer and sell them literally everything possible. Then he’d look at all of us and tell us that was how easy it was to sell. The day after he came and did this the customers would always come back and return everything he sold them.

  4. The sale was probably something dumb like “Buy one item at full price, get 10% off of a second (completely unrelated) item (which they haven’t been able to give away)” and by the way, all of the major brands are excluded.

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