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  1. Pretty much. I can safely say if you are ever offered an extended warranty, say no. (Especially if it is an expensive item) Most of the time it doesn’t cover anything that the manufacturer doesn’t already cover and it starts at the date of purchase which either knocks off a year from it due to the coverage from the manufacturer, or makes it entirely redundant if the manufacturer warranty is longer. My work pushes Square trade warranties on people and we get written up if we don’t sell enough of them. Problem is that managers have never actually read through what it does and does not cover which the does not cover list is basically the entire pamphlet, and they are exempt from the quote.

    • I generally don’t buy extended warranty, however, the 1 time I did was a god send. I had bought these computer speakers from a computer retailer, one day they stopped working, so i went in to get them replaced, after going through a lot of headaches due to the store where I actually bought from closed, i got the speakers replaced

    • Warranties on video games cover pretty much anything, as do the “extended warranties” at places like Best Buy and Game Stop.

      My dogs ate through my speaker wires for my brand new gaming PC (bought the speakers separate from the place I got my PC) and BB replaced it twice without blinking.

      Gamestop replaced a game disk that got shattered into approximately 28 pieces when I got their warranty.

    • I used to sell square trade. It covered basically anything on everything other than TV’s. And in a lot of cases they would give you a gift card for the price you paid rather than fixing it so in 2 years when a new model came out the customer could get the newer version with their gift card if something happened to their equipment.

    • I guess my old store offered one of the better extended warranties. It only began after the manufacturer one ended, it even said so in the plan’s brochure. I think that fact alone made a lot of people buy it for televisions and furniture.

    • I sometimes will, if it’s a cheap warranty (like less than 2 or 3 dollars), just because (knowing what it’s like on the other side of the counter) I know it’ll make the cashier’s life a bit easier. That is, provided we’ve had a positive interaction.

    • While I normally avoid EWs, the Source in Canada has an extended warning for their store brand earbuds is worth it. It provides for unlimited replacements for the first year and 2 replacements in the year after that for 3 dollars.

      It’s just a matter asking and some judgment.

  2. Must be a dialect thing. Mine usually translates as “The manager is listening, and I don’t want to get fired for not making quota on the upsell.”

    • I wouldn’t think Harris would have to worry about that. He always came across as the kind of guy who could sell a refrigerator to a penguin.

  3. Only ever do this if it’s a used game that’s hard to find or if you live with careless people who might wreck the disc by doing things like leaving it out for the cat. Most of the time, it’s not worth it, especially if you take good care of your stuff and ensure your roommates know to do the same.

    • What retail store isn’t?

      Heck, when I worked retail we closed on Thanksgiving. Nowadays they don’t even extend that courtesy to employees.

    • >>Grumbel’s is open on Labor Day?

      You say that as if it’s something unusual.

      When I worked at Barnes & Noble, the store only closed on two days out of the year – Thanksgiving and Christmas. That was it.

      I saw plenty of restaurants, supermarkets, retail stores, etc. open today.

      Heck, if Grumbel’s won’t even give their employees Thanksgiving off (and they don’t), why would they give a **** about Labor Day?

      • It seems they take holidays more seriously in Canada. All government offices are closed of course, but so are stores. We were out of eggs and have to wait til tomorrow to get them. This is a disaster for my husband who can’t go a day without eggs so he headed off to Mickey D’s this morning. Places like that are open but all stores are closed.

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