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  1. As a “manager” of a Big Blue Box I have to deal with this daily. However being over 6′ tall with a huge beard I never get much grief after I tell them the “business”. I think they fear what would happen ifz my retail smile fades… Funny, in 5 years only once has some one asked to go higher than me. And she was quite nice about it.

  2. Yes, I did laugh out loud. I didn’t expect to see Stuart, much less him pointing to the computer – but I know there’s a certain amount of truth in that. The computer only lets you do so much.

    • Not necessary. The employee can try to explain that the computer won’t allow it, but that only goes so far. The employee will take the brunt of the customer’s anger.

  3. This is definitely the truth. I tell people all the time that there’s nothing I can do because the computer system doesn’t allow for it. We can’t force something into our system or out of it that the system doesn’t recognize. And they always ask to speak to a manager (I am a manager) and when I tell them I am a manager they ask to speak to the store manager (why does every customer think the store manager lives in the store. “Oh you want the STORE manager? Sure let me go wake them from their living quarters off the break room.” They have days off during the week to! And are usually in the store less than every other manager because they have meetings and/ or more vacation time and a computer at home that they can access the system from to do their paperwork without coming in.
    So I get another manager who comes over listens to their drivel and then they ask me (since as a department manager I know the systems and policies better than the assistant managers) and I tell them the system doesn’t allow it and they tell the guest, “sorry there’s nothing we can do.”

  4. The amazing thing is that despite how true this is, just how many people think that the employee actually has control over the computer… just because someone operates the computer, doesn’t mean they have any control over what it will allow them to do. I always loved the guests who thought it was the employee who told the computer what was taxable and what wasn’t. Nope, all pre-programmed in with the barcode information, as instructed by the state tax board. Oh, I’m sorry, you don’t like that our bagged ice is considered a fountain item (because we bag it ourselves from the same ice machine that makes the ice for the fountain, yes, the Nevada State Tax Board will get that nit picky on how they distinguish things) instead of a grocery item and you think I am ripping you off on the $0.15 difference in sales tax between the two. If you don’t like it, bring it up with our liaison to the tax board so they can appeal the designation. There is literally nothing I can do on the register that makes that sales tax go away.

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