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  1. considering my old store did away with all but one of its loss prevention associates (3 years before bankruptcy) and we had to “fake” security pages to scare away shoplifters due to there being no LP on duty to apprehend them….yeah, this is disturbingly true.

    • @Carlos

      I wish my store even had LP. The store that I work at (soon to be former store since it is being closed down due excessive profit loss) has no cameras, almost no spider wraps, a defunct security thing at both doors that goes off randomly when no one is standing near it, and no LP members at all (Corporate LP occasionally called the store to warn of shopper lifters but that was it) on top of that the place I worked had a strict policy of don’t stop shop lifters (though I think all stores do to be honest). This cocktail of cutting corners made this store the perfect place for people to steal and for employee to be able to do nothing. I know the inventory was just finished and from what I overheard the shrink at this store was 18% and they couldn’t figure out why.

      • They probably blamed most of it on employee theft, which is much easier for a company to do rather than acknowledge shoplifters can steal whatever they want and get away with it.

      • I imagine everywhere has that policy– company property is not potentially worth your life. In a month, that stolen iPad won’t really matter one bit. But you in the hospital will. Just let em go…

        • Don’t kid yourself. The company doesn’t give a whit about the employees on the front lines. If some maggot gunned you down over that damned iPhone, they’d have interviews scheduled before the echo died. Aside from a few of your coworkers, not a tear would be shed. The head office wouldn’t even acknowledge it.


          If a lawsuit were to arise over an incident where an employee tried to stop a would-be thief… oh, yes, there would indeed be corporate concern.

          • I meant that from more of a perspective of your personal LP policy 😛 ie no matter what the company says, just let the fucker go. Minimum wage ain’t enough to risk your life over products that don’t even belong to you.

  2. I’m the Organized Retail Crime Investigator for half of my state and sometimes beyond. I can tell you that the cost of proper LP in a store is often times not cost effective. Of course there are times there are, but many times its cheaper to take the loss.

    Funny enough though, when we first rolled out Self Check Out we all groaned and geared up. At first though we actually saw a drop in theft. Personal ’embarrassment’ items like condoms, prep H, pregnancy tests theft dropped like 90% overnight. Yes new theft and scams have come since then though, not saying they solved everything, just sharing something interesting.

    • On the other talon, my local grocery store ended up removing their self-checkout lanes after a few years because of the rise in shrinkage. They also closed one of the two sets of front doors after 9pm.

      Of course, the store switched names (long story about corporate purchasing and overhauling), and now has *more* self-checkout lanes and keeps both front doors open at all times.

      We’ll see how well this goes.

  3. I lost count of the number of times when I’ve walked off with an item I wanted to pay for except I was pointedly ignored by whoever was at or near the register. There was even an instance when I walked up to the register and the cashier looked at me and walked away. Whether I took the item or abandoned it depended on how much I needed it. But every store where staff has done that to me I’ve added to my “I refuse to shop here” list.
    I will pay more for decent service. Repeat. I will pay more for decent service.

    • “I don’t like the way they treated me, so that makes it okay for me to steal from them.”

      … Yeah, you know what, I really don’t think it works that way.

      • Not saying I agree with theft but I read that as more so “The cashier refused to take my money for this product by walking away as I attempted to pay.”

        • I have been tempted to steal many times but haven’t. When I have one item but the two lanes out of 10 that are open have 10 customers with full carts meaning I’d have to wait a half hour to pay for my one purchase. When a cashier said she was closed and I was the only person there, again with only one item. In this case I threw it up in the air and walked out. I should’ve demanded to see the manager.

    • It’s not stealing if employees refuse to provide a reasonable way to pay for it. If the employees don’t care, why would the customer?

      A bit of sarcasm on my part, but the worst thing I ever did to express contempt for service was walk out of a restaurant while holding and drinking from a glass of water.

      • >>It’s not stealing

        Yes, it is.

        Taking something that doesn’t belong to you, without the permission of the owner. That is the exact definition of “stealing.”

        Let me let you in on a little secret : You don’t get to decide under what circumstances it’s okay for you to take merchandise out of a retail store. The store decides that, because they own the merchandise.

        And just to be clear, if a store’s employees ignore you when you try to pay for something, that does NOT constitute the store giving you permission to take the item without paying for it.

        If the employees rudely ignore you when you try to pay for something, that only justifies dropping the item and walking out of the store. It doesn’t justify stealing.

    • My God, this is what we have come to. We now have to justify the idea that it’s wrong to steal.

      If you don’t like the service you’re getting, then leave. But don’t steal the merchandise. It doesn’t belong to you. You do not have the right to take it without paying for it.

      Drop the item on the counter. Chew out the rude employees. Complain to the manager.

      But don’t steal. It’s wrong.

      How basic does this have to be?

      • it’s because now , stealing is usual even in the highers circles . They didn’t give an example . And Justly, search an argument isn’t easy.

        illegal ? not an argument . The pant was illegal during a long time for womens…
        immoral ? yes, like lie and Marla lies sometimes . And who decide de the morality level ?.
        middle-class employees pay ? surely in USA and others country, but not in France .
        I try to convict a friend who shoplift now that she is roomate with an non-pacifist girl (her roomate , she, had community service for violencene against police officer) that shoplift is bad. But I gave up. When politics fraud all two days , we understand a few shoplifters.
        ( and a friend’s sister , honnest during all her life, was in a “court bailiff school” when she had win the competitive exam and doing a training , she has say at my sister’s “the thing that I understand in the school in my job : it’s we are honest, we obtain zilch”…)

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