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    Can you please state any jobs you can think of that do not involve having to use computer or at least not for long? Thank you very much for your help!

    I have an injury and can’t be on a computer long.

    • @heybro

      Stock person is the first thing that comes to mind. Or maybe something in a factory like loading trucks. Just be careful because you might hurt your body. I’m sure if you work retail (god help you) you could ask to just work the sales floor and mention the injury. I know when I worked at “Marget” they always needed sale floor people to keep the aisle clean.

    • It depends on what part of computer use is the issue, also if your injury falls under a disability the local government employment agency might be a good resource as they would have experience and know what employers are most willing to work with you.

    • heybro,
      Sorry but we can’t help you. You didn’t say what your “injury” was or anything about your prior experience, training, or education. I suggest that you do not seek assistance from people who know nothing of your situation. Go to your nearest WorkForce Development Office. They can refer you to agencies that can help you. If you have something like a “crisis center” or a food bank, they may be able to help. But we can’t

  2. Careful about factory work. The factory I work in has a computer at every machine. Even the forklifts have small computers for tracking loads.

  3. I have to close down the self check registers at night before I leave and have had this more than once. When I say the registers are closed it means they are closed, even if it is a small order, even if you are in a hurry, even if your watch says 1 minute till. I have to clock out and they need to be shutdown before I go so you can go to another register.

  4. The latecomers always say, “Oh, I know where the item I want is, I’ll only be a minute!” Then, more often than not, they’ll amble about and browse for at least half an hour, usually longer, tying up the closing employees in waiting for them.

    It’s incredibly inconsiderate, and the few items they decide to buy won’t cover the wages of the employees who have to work overtime to attend to the latecomer.

    Either do what you say you will do (get your one item and get out immediately) or time your shopping trip during store hours (preferably well before closing time).

  5. Then there’s the question of what “closes at 9 PM” means. Is that when they lock the front door, when the last purchase is made, or when the employees leave the parking lot? Many years ago, I ran across a store that interpreted it as “when the employees leave”. Needless to say, the front door was locked quite a bit before the advertised “closing” time.

    • It should mean all customers are out the door by 9:00. If you have a “real quick” item to pick up, be there by 8:50 so you can be rung up and out the door at 9:00. Not showing up at 9:00 demanding to be let in.

    • To me, and in most retail/restaurant places I worked in my youth, it meant you stopped seating people/allowing them in. Which I think is fair.

      Now there’s kind of an unspoken etiquette that if you get there at 5 till close, you hurry the hell up and don’t linger. If it’s a restaurant you don’t frigging camp at your table, and if it’s a retail store you don’t frigging browse for 30 minutes. You order your meal, eat in a timely fashion, and pay up, or you grab what you needed and GTFO if it’s in a shop.

    • Here, if you advertise certain hours, you need to open during those hours. It’s false advertising otherwise. Although you should be able to kick customers out right at closing time.

  6. One time, I was working the register at a chemist (drugstore for you 5 minutes past closing time, the person at the door let a girl in. I was quite surprised as we’re expected to be out of the building by 10 past, until she came to my register with a pregnancy test.

  7. Honestly, unless your house is on fire and you need to buy a bottle of water, there is nothing that can’t wait until morning.

  8. What? Can’t work on a computer, about the least physical employment ever? Unless you have eye issues or cannot sit for long periods of time, I don’t understand. Even some factory work involves a computer. And a lot of non-desk type work means physical work that requires lifting, reaching, bending, etc. Even a call center would require entering data. I suggest going to the various employment sites or even your local unemployment office and ask for their job listings.

  9. It’s the same thing when you open. Used to come in early to a couple of stores I worked at to get the paperwork done and ease into the day with a nice cup of tea (ahh morning caffeine). Would often find a customer — usually looking for a ridiculously cheap item — who would start complaining about having been waiting for an hour. I used to just point out the posted hours and not let them in. At another store I managed there was one evening a week where I would push to get closed ON TIME because there was one guy who would show up right around closing every week, spend a half hour or more and never buy anything worth the extra time.

  10. I haven’t worked retail in quite some time so please forgive the question. Is this a thing anymore where people try to get in last minute? I would think with on-line shopping stores posting their hours that this would be the exception rather than the rule. 25 years ago (I’m old) when I was in retail people had no clue and would just show up at 9:01 and then the begging would begin. My biggest pet peeve were the people who ignored the “We are closing” announcements and would still continue to shop.

    • Jeffrey, unfortunately it is still a thing. The only difference now is instead of ignorance of the hours being the reason people want to get in at the last minute, its now a sense of entitlement. “I want something so therefore you should let me do it” kind of thinking.

      • Sadly that’s not unbelievable. As a customer one time I said to the clerk, I know you’re just about to lock the door but I really need a PVC fitting for my plumbing. The part is $4.00 Here’s a $10, I don’t even need the change I’ll stay here can you get it please. The you lady must have had pity on me as she let me in, locked the door and re-opened the register. I later wrote to corporate to let them know she went above and beyond in her service. I didn’t give the details of her letting me in as I didn’t want to get her in trouble. Man she was a saving grace that night. I later went back to the store asked her on a date and bang (poor choice of words) 3 years later we’re married.

  11. At the store where I work, we start making closing announcements at a quarter to nine, but we’re not allowed to lock the doors until exactly 9 p.m., which means if somebody comes in at 8:58 and wants to spend forty minutes “just looking,” there’s nothing we can do but wait. Well, wait and anticipate getting bawled out for not closing on time, even though the reason we didn’t close on time is that corporate won’t let us lock the doors until closing time and won’t let us tell people “it’s too late” until exactly 9. That’s the part that always gets me. We get in trouble because of what happens from doing what they tell us we have to do.

    • We used to make two closing announcements at 15 minutes before and 5 minutes before closing. Some tool in Corporate decided that was “rude” to rush customers. Needless to say, OT flourished but Corporate still couldn’t see the connection.

  12. Honestly, some people don’t think employees have lives like they do and have homes and/or families to get to, and yet they pull a hissy fit when they can’t be open at their convenience like they’re all 24/7.

  13. My husband used to work retail, he has stories! On in particular about a woman who came in just before closing time, spent about a half hour filling a cart full of stuff and then without purchasing a single item.

  14. At one store I worked at we closed at 10PM Monday-Saturday and at 9PM on Sundays. Management told me to lock the door at 9:57PM. I had one entitled witch tell me it was illegal to lock the door a 9:57PM when the store doesn’t close until 10PM and that she was going to call the 800 number for corporate.

    At another store I worked at the store closed at Midnite. Usually the 3rd Shift Manager would lock the door at 11:55PM. One night we didn’t have a single customer during the 11PM hour. The 3rd Shift Manager was tied up with something and my supervisor locked the door at 11:50PM. :-p

    One of my buddies was a 3rd Shift stocker at The Big “W” store. Back then the store closed at 10PM (this was one of them that changed hours til Midnite). He told me one night he and his co-workers discovered an elderly woman wandering the store with a shopping cart full of stuff at 12:30AM.

    • That’s why we go around the store at closing time and personally tell all remaining customers that we’re closed. That poor woman probably didn’t hear the announcements, but if someone came up to her and gently told her the store was closed, she would have realized her mistake and come up to pay.

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