25 thoughts on “September 8, 2017

  1. While 99% of stuff in clearance is garbage, occasionally you can find some decent stuff. I found a decent set of headphones that were usually like 60 bucks for only 15.

    • indeed, sometimes you can find perfectly good stuff that is on sale just because a new model (with no changes other than a new look) is coming out so the store has to clear shelf space.

  2. I found freezer bags, and some other good stuff in Clarence, I found shaving cream, at 7-11
    For 50 cents usually 5 dollars. And at rite aid I found good toothpaste for 50 cents.

  3. Love the Clearance section of the grocery store. Who really cares if the can is dented or the box is crushed? The Day old Bakery Rack. And the meats. Even if the meat has the same day sell by date on it, you can still freeze it and enjoy it weeks later.

    • I love the day old bakery rack. Used to get this great round shaped sourdough bread there now and then. It was fun also to pick up cans with no labels for very cheap since you didn’t know what was in there.

    • I love the “Condemned Meat” section (read: Manager’s Specials). Nice steaks and roasts usually at 40% or more discount. BTW, if you plan on freezing, remove it from the styrofoam pkg and plastic-wrap it as air-tight as possible; less freezer burn that way.

    • Dented cans could have a small break and has a thriving colony of botulism. You can have my dented cans. My health isn’t worth the savings.

      • And the risk of that type of lawsuit is why the grocery chain I work for does not (intentionally) sell or even DONATE dented cans, or Out Of Date merchandise.
        Day Old bread and pastry from the Bakery is donated to a local Food Bank, and they come and pick it up every morning.

      • Depends on where and how badly it’s dented. Affecting or near a seam, not a good purchase. But elsewhere, if it isn’t damaged enough to shear the metal, almost certainly safe. The metal in cans is fairly malleable and even a moderate dent shouldn’t violate the integrity.

        Like anything else, use your best judgement. If you’re not entirely comfortable with the condition, don’t buy it.

  4. One of my stores used to have good clearance. Now it’s all the stuff nobody wants, like kale chips, and extremely damaged items. And “clearance” is only at most 50% of the price, so that damaged item may not be worth it even then. (Like, an opened box of bandaids with some missing)

  5. Not all clearance items are garbage. My mother used to say that clearance was her favourite word. The biggest reason it could be trash is that it’s stuff that has been picked over til it looks bad but you never know what you might find. I remember once at a Barnes and Nobel picking up a huge almanac of my favourite TV show for only 5 bucks. That was the best 5 bucks I ever spent.

  6. I have always said this :

    It is amazing what kind of garbage people will buy, just as long as you tell them they’re getting it on sale.

  7. One time at Target there was a bunch of Tampons on clearance at Target and I was kind of upset that I was a Man and didn’t need them, cause if I was a Woman I could have saved a LOAD of Money on them.

  8. There is plenty of clearance items at Target that are just out of season. I bought a little Coleman camping grill for 75% off and the little propane tanks for it at 50% off.

  9. If the Clearance Rack is Garbage,
    why does everybody stand over me, watching as I fill it with discontinued and discounted merchandise?

    Grocery store, so the products are perfectly fine, we just aren’t going to be carrying them any more.
    Until the buyers at Corporate decide to bring them back in 6 months. *rolls eyes*

  10. I monitor clearance in my store and solve of it is good stuff. Batteries from a brand we stopped selling, gardening tools, insulating tape.

  11. I work in Markdowns now. The reason they have us start at 5 in the morning is so the customers don’t rip items out of our hands as soon as we’ve finished scanning them. Also, they think we have control over what gets marked down and what doesn’t. (We don’t. It’s programmed into the machines before we even start.)
    But the best part of working before the store opens is that we can listen to our headphones and not the crappy store music.

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