20 thoughts on “September 9, 2015

  1. It is scary how much we rely on google. Once I wanted to know something that wasn’t listed on the internet and probably never will be. I was scared a bit. Wow.

  2. Once I looked for a film on ImDb and couldnt find it. But I know it exists – I’ve seen it and got the S/T on cassette (whats a cassette granny)

    Surely a smoothie is healthy, its 6 of your 5 a day after all

  3. I got a bit depressed when I looked up the Mickey D’s site and learned how many calories was in everything they served. The Shamrock shake has over 700 calories!

  4. Once, while at Culvers, my little brother had the same question. We both had greasy fingers so it wasn’t until the drive home that we discovered that his Double Bacon Butter Burger, Milkshake, and fries were a few hundred calories over the recommended daily intake.

    To be clear: The one meal was enough for a little over a day’s calorie intake.

  5. 490 on a smoothie isn’t bad. My wife and I have been drinking high calorie smoothies as meal replaces five times a week and we’ve dropped serious weight. A high calorie smoothie is nothing close to a full calorie meal.

  6. If you don’t want to know, don’t ask. (On the flip side, I’ve always thought it the height of rudeness to start randomly reading the nutritional label out loud when people are having what they already know is a high-calorie treat.)

  7. Actually it’s not really the calories or the carbs, it’s the sugar. Many scientists are beginning to think it’s not the calories or carbs that matter, but rather the amount of sugar that is in everything.

    • Gee, are they just figuring out the issues witn processed sugar? Wasn’t tnat kind of obvious? Not a dig at you, but scientists without common sense.

  8. Energy in/energy out. It doesn’t really matter how many calories you eat, so long as you are burning at least that many during the day.

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